Gresley Abas
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Curtin University Design & Art Precinct Relife

Curtin Uni Design & Art Precinct Relife

Curtin University
Design & Art Precinct Relife

Gresley Abas is currently delivering the redevelopment of existing facilities at Curtin University's School of Design and Art. The new facilities include MAC labs (highly sophisticated and specialised computer laboratories), digital modelling studios, workshops, prototyping studios, research, learning, exhibition and teaching spaces.

A new informal learning area facing Curtin’s Creative Quarter provides a new arrival point and identity for the precinct. The public realm around the precinct has been significantly upgraded with new paths and landscaped courtyards providing legibility and identity for the School within the Curtin campus. Wayfinding is improved by the creation of new connections through the precinct that clearly lead people through the different buildings and uses.

We have designed a ‘Gallery Corridor’ that provides flexible exhibition spaces that link the various functions of the School.

In order to determine the best possible redevelopment strategy for the existing facilities, we worked closely with the client to undertake comprehensive condition audits, stakeholder consultations and a review of the University’s driving principles and objectives.

This rigorous approach has generated a disciplined process that allowed us to comprehensively test and rank numerous design options to determine the single compelling development solution for this project.

Our challenge was to ‘grow’ the facility to accommodate projected growth and provide capacity until 2027

The design solution strategically allows for the staged delivery of the project to minimise disruption to the school’s day-to-day operations and teaching programme.

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