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Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge

Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge

Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge

The Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge is a cultural icon for many people. Used by the locals as a fishing platform, a place to meet and the major link across the Estuary. The City of Mandurah, faced with an aging piece of infrastructure recognised the importance of  providing a replacement for this important piece of Mandurah’s history. 

Gresley Abas were initially engaged to assist in the visioning of the new traffic bridge replacement. The City of Mandurah, not satisfied with providing a purely structural and traffic based solution, turned to us to bring life into what could have been a traditional, and rather dull, concrete traffic bridge.

Our previous work on the Mandurah Foreshore Focus 2020 masterplan vision had already established the importance of this active part of the estuary. 

Our bridge design includes retention of some of the elements of the now-aging bridge for use as fishing platforms, retaining the spirit of use that occupies this place.

These reinvigorated fishing platforms also provide additional uses for on-water activities. A lowered 5m wide shared path creates activity zones across the estuary whilst separating vehicles from pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge was completed in 2018 and has been embraced by the community.  The crossing has become a ‘living bridge’, full of life and activity, not just a functional method to cross the water. 

Mandurah, Western Australia

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