Gresley Abas

Our Approach

How we work is important

There’s two types of architect firms we deal with; the serious one where you have no real relationship but they do the job, and then the Gresley Abas type where you know that not only can they do the job but there’s a team of people who love what they do and take on the work with a greater sense of commitment.
— Gresley Abas Client interviewed by David Reid Group



We love working with people and communities to enrich their lives. Some architects pay little attention to the people and focus on the production of an “object”. This is not how we work. We work hard to find the story, the culture and the ethos and climate of a place and create something unique and appropriate to that community.


Design Excellence

Gresley Abas Architects is committed to design excellence.

Working across such a diverse spread of projects has given Gresley Abas a unique understanding of the design process for any project. Opportunities are discovered through the circular analysis of design from a variety of scales and disciplines which create holistic and integrated solutions.

We show our commitment to making an invaluable contribution towards the ongoing promotion and  support of design excellence. This includes a commitment to design education, public information, participation in design competitions, architectural discussion and ongoing professional affiliation.

They just have good human values; integrity, honesty and they’re real.

Our Values

Gresley Abas sets itself apart from other architectural firms by delivering more than you pay for. While some will try and put a price on passionate people, innovative design and dedication in providing excellent customer service, we at Gresley Abas prefer to give this to our clients at no extra charge.

Imagine having a Design Partner who you enjoy working with, who takes a fresh look at every problem and comes up with solutions that surprises you with their simple elegance. A Design Partner who doesn’t win the business on the cheapest price only to cost you more than the most expensive tender in the long-run.

This is the Design Partner that we aim to be.