Gresley Abas

Champion Lakes Aboriginal Interpretive Centre

Champion Lakes Aboriginal Interpretive Centre

Champion Lakes Aboriginal Interpretive Centre

Gresley Abas won an invited competition held by the Armadale Redevelopment Authority to create an Aboriginal Interpretive Centre at Champion Lakes. The project includes an amphitheatre with seating for 350 people, an interpretive walk with local artefacts and trails that include bush tucker and medicine plantings.

We saw this project as an opportunity for inclusion and developed a design solution – a beautiful metal canopy – which allowed for the later incorporation of large scale Aboriginal art and public artworks. This approach created an elegant, meaningful and integrated landscape and architectural “canvas”, with the artwork embedded into the fabric of the facility.

This project overcame many challenges to become the only Aboriginal interpretive place of its kind in WA

Gresley Abas developed a strategy and EOI process to select local Noongar artists for the project. The process connected a local Noongar artist with an accomplished local public artist.  

World renowned (represented in the National Gallery of Australia) local Aboriginal artist Shane Pickett was selected by us to carry out the major canopy artwork with local sculptor Stuart Green as a mentor.  

Stuart mentored Shane through the process of interpreting his canvas art into metal sculpture. Shane later described as a defining stage of his ‘new career’ in public art.

The result is a beautiful and innovative design that enjoys the full support of the local Aboriginal community. It showcases our ability to fully engage with a diverse stakeholder group and execute an iconic solution of profound cultural and community importance.


CHAMPION LAKES, Western Australia