Gresley Abas

Koombana Bay Pedestrian Bridge

Koombana Bay Pedestrian Bridge

Koombana Bay Pedestrian Bridge

Gresley Abas are currently working with the City of Bunbury to deliver this significant piece of pedestrian infrastructure. The Koombana Bay Pedestrian Bridge forms the gateway to an extensive foreshore redevelopment which is roughly 1km long.

The design inspiration for the bridge comes from the many shipwrecks which have been discovered in the area and forms part of the unique history for Koombana Bay.

The bridge forms a strong landmark visible from both the City Centre and existing waterfront developments.  During the daytime the design embraces and engages visitors creating a unique experience.

At night, integrated and choreographed lighting on the vertical rib elements creates a dramatic visual effect

The scope of this project involved the reuse of an old railway trestle bridge used formerly for industrial works at the site. The complex process of dismantling, refurbishing, integrating the new architectural elements and reassembling the bridge was carefully planned and the design evolved to adapt to the required logistics.

Bunbury, Western Australia

City of Bunbury

Due 2018