Gresley Abas
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Mandurah Eastern Foreshore

Mandurah Eastern Foreshore

Mandurah Eastern Foreshore

Gresley Abas were engaged by the City of Mandurah to investigate possible replacements for the sea wall to the Eastern Foreshore. In this role we worked closely with marine engineers providing detailing assistance for the documentation of the replacement sea wall.

The client identified that to fulfill the potential for the site the project would need the experience of a consultant that could both negotiate the design requirements of a solution to combat rising sea levels, whilst understanding the developing urban context the project was situated within.

Following the success of the initial phase, Gresley Abas’ project scope was subsequently expanded to develop a holistic design masterplan for the entire stretch of the Eastern foreshore, illustrating ‘blue sky’ thinking for the waterfront. This foreshore masterplan design included various town centre integration options.

Our design will evolve with the growing city centre, and provide a sensitive and responsive vision that enhances the sense of place for the area

In addition to our urban design role, we have been working closely with the client to explore the potential for an Indigenous artist mentor scheme, to further foster the spirit of community inclusiveness that is so essential to a landmark project as this.

Mandurah, Western Australia

City of Mandurah