Gresley Abas

Midland Youth Hub

Midland Youth Hub

Midland Youth Hub

Gresley Abas was engaged by the City of Swan to design the Midland Youth Hub, a new home for a youth focussed support facility that has sheltered and nurtured vulnerable and troubled youth in Midland for over 20 years.

A key focus of the project was to create a safe and supportive environment for local young people.

Particular care was given to the differing needs of the users of the facilities.

The hub contains flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that can be utilised for a variety of activities including social gathering and interaction. These flexible spaces are supported by office and allied services, such as drug and alcohol counselling, mental health support and assistance with finding accommodation.

The project was delivered through an extensive and genuine consultative process.

This facility is about offering hope and promise within limited means.

The design for this building is driven by the same message: using simple materials and innovative ideas to transform the banal into something special.


City of Swan

Midland, Western Australia