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Cecil Andrews STEM Centre opens!

The tireless and amazing Stella Jinman at Cecil Andrews College has reached her goal of producing the first government funded, purpose built STEM Centre in Australia.

Working closely with Tony Iopolo from the Department of Education, Lisa and Greg from Gresley Abas have harnessed significant engineering talent and created a progressive design response for this pilot project.

What is STEM?

Integrated teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in schools is seen not only as a way of addressing current issues in education, but also a way to support innovative teaching practices and develop the critical and analytical skills that will equip learners for the dynamic and fast paced change. 

STEM also offers the chance to teach across a curriculum, focusing on the learning activities of information gathering, skill development and knowledge building.

At Cecil Andrews Senior High School, the design of the new STEM building is seen as an opportunity not only to support innovation, but also continue to develop and strengthen existing teaching practices. The siting of the building between the existing woodworking studios and the sporting areas, expands the curriculum to include Design and Technology and Physical Education.

The Association for Learning Environments hosted a site visit and over 50 members turned up to have a squiz.

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