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Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre

With a fantastic collaboration with Gregory Burgess Architects, the project will be a culturally safe place for strengthening community and cultural development, and facilitating improved co-ordination and connection of services and programs for Aboriginal people living in Wyndham City. 

The centre is envisaged as an integrated building and landscape. The rooms of the centre all connect with the outdoors, and the landscape provides outdoor rooms. Bringing all of the different building functions and users together is a central protected outdoor area, the ‘Heart’, which is a gathering space, circulation, a quiet retreat into sheltered garden, and a symbol of the building’s intent to bring community together and build capacity.

‘Breathing boundaries’ within the centre and within the wider precinct encourage a neighbourly interaction between different users, extending the opportunities for those using the Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre as well as the Integrated Family Centre to interact and come together in the course of their different activities within the centre. 

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Kukame McPierzie