Gresley Abas
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QLD Diversity & Density Done Well

QLD Diversity & Density Done Well

Inter-Urban Diver-City

Gresley Abas is proud to be a winner of the Diversity & Density Done Well open design competition for the Department of Planning in Queensland.

The jury commented:

The New Six Pack. This idea re-imagines the suburban McMansion as a private community of 4-6 dwellings of differing size and type, including a communally owned bedsit for visiting family and friends and car-sharing arrangements.
The concept also challenges the traditional scale and function of the street by proposing car and community spaces through the reduction of traffic lanes and asphalt.
The concept merges three sometimes-maligned housing forms – the six pack, the McMansion and the share-house – into a new flexible built form that offers a place to live for singles, couples, small young families, established families and empty-nesters.
The jury saw great potential for this model to house the young and the young at heart, particularly elderly people or people with a disability who wish to live in a contemporary, non-institutional community-style setting.

Our proposal

Our proposal is for an innovative redeployment of typical suburban, residential housing construction techniques and materials into 3-storey multiple dwelling clusters.

A single existing lot is transformed into a private community of 4-6 dwellings of differing sizes and types.


Residents can be singles or couples willing to share-house, elderly residents, small young families, established families, empty nesters and importantly: guests and relatives that can come and stay in the bedsit. Equally the module diversity allows for multi-generational families to occupy two or more adjacent dwellings.

Every lot offers a range of shared amenities that retain the ‘luxuries’ of traditional suburban single lot ownership.

Our design reconfigures the socialisation of the public road and verge space. By calming traffic movement, introducing urban furniture, plus perpendicular parking, we reclaim the street as an extension of the shared public realm shared by the precinct community.

Within each lot, shared spaces across the ground plane become the ‘semi private’ zone with a transition space between the dwellings and the public zone of the reconfigured street.

The project is designed for sub-tropical conditions. All dwellings have multiple aspects to optimise cross ventilation. Northern solar access is provided to all main internal and external private living areas and every dwelling has a generous private outdoor north facing terrace.