Gresley Abas
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SODA Apartments

SODA Apartments

Inner city urban living

The SODA Apartments represent the outcome of an ideal relationship between Architect, Builder and Developer. A shared enlightened attitude towards the delivery of inner-city dwellings within an existing heritage building shell, SODA Apartments culminates in a 13-unit apartment building over 4 storeys.

Apartment sizes range from 52 to 140 sqm. Unique solutions were developed throughout the overall design to deliver small yet clever solutions to spatial challenges. 

85% of the dwellings have a northerly orientation and all dwellings have cross-ventilation. 

The tight site configuration resulted in unusual apartment configurations; eg. 2-storey maisonettes were designed with living areas elevated to the upper floor for northerly access to the living areas and outdoor terraces, whilst bedrooms are located below with unique 'periscope' windows designed to overcome issues of acoustics, fire protection, privacy & security. 

The spatial solutions for this development emerged out of the client’s enlightened willingness to challenge the typical apartment product delivered today. The client / builder / developer demonstrated the willingness and the courage to challenge the market and deliver something beyond the ordinary.

The project concept also includes retention and restoration of the existing Lindsay St façade, and incorporates street art along the laneway boundary as part of the design proposal. 

One of the apartments is allocated as an affordable housing module.



2016 Architecture Award, Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing, Australian Institute of Architects WA