Gresley Abas

Yanget House

Yanget House

Yanget House

Social Housing Development

Gresley Abas were selected by the Department of Housing to design a new 4 storey mixed use building on the site of the existing Yanget House Transient Hostel on Victoria Street in Bunbury.

The site is in a prominent location in the city centre, and the street frontage of the ground floor carpark houses a retail tenancy and commercial entry, with 2 levels of commerical office space above. The transient hostel occupies the rear of the site where the tenants are afforded acoustic and visual privacy from the street, and maximum access to northern aspect.

There was one approved tenant that was almost
in tears at the beneficial changes it would make to her lifestyle.
— Bunbury Mayor David Smith at the opening of the facility

A key consideration in the design of the 37-room hostel was to create a domestic scale environment for the tenants, many of whom are long term residents.

The rooms, which are over 3 floors have therefore been configured into accommodation ‘pods’ holding 7-9 rooms, each with its own communal lounge room, balcony space and shared kitchen. Shared space have been located to promote socialisation and use of outdoor space.

The project also incorporated a striking public artwork that forms the sun-shading to the commercial premises to Victoria Street.

Bunbury, Western Australia

Housing Authority


Commendation, Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture, Australian Institute of Architects (WA)