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Design WA Launches

Did you know that Design WA came into effect today?


We were at the launch of this suite of policies that will elevate the role of design and address community concerns around infill and multi-res development. Gresley Abas was lead consultant on the draft Apartment Codes so we know this stuff inside-out.

Our SODA Apartments are an example of the thoughtful design that's possible in multi-res. We design homes, not just apartments!

Congrats to the Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage and Office of the Government Architect teams, especially Nic Temov, Matt Stack, and Carmel Van Ruth, for an undying commitment to quality for the community and everyone else deeply involved in the process. A very good day for WA!

The Design WA documents can be found here.

At Gresley Abas we are keen to work with landowners, clients and developers to produce better infill and higher density apartment so we can collectively improve housing quality in Perth. Having played a significant role in writing Design WA’s Draft Apartment Guidelines, we are completely across these new regulations, so please get in touch to talk about your next multi-res project – we are excited about putting this policy into action!

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